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HA! this is a funny topic for me.
I react very negatively to the codependency that I see around me... It makes me cringe. I think not needing someone and wanting them is sooooo much more powerful! It exhibits an active CHOICE in maintaining the relationship and is sooo very romantic!

I am a very independent woman, and most of my past relationships have suffered because the man realizes after a while that I do not NEED them. My mother raised me to be this way, and it stuck, thanks to her!

I never fear having to find a man to support me in the future. I know I will be successful, strong, financially independent and able to care for myself. Many men feel threatened by this and would rather have what feels to me like a woman on a leash - at their beck and call.

It is hard to find men that appreciate this in me, but even those who do find it frustrating at times... As every day passes, I realize how there is balance to EVERYTHING in life, including exerting my own independence
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