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From another thread:
Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I feel as though I separated myself in order to have sex with people that do not care for me, do not cherish me, do not see my worth but merely saw me as someone to use for sex. I didn't know them or even feel a connection. I prostituted myself. I think a lot of women do that because they think it dictates their worth...I did that to me... it sends shivers down my back. I am worth so much more.
I just read this in another thread, and it raises another concern. Besides my concern about my husband's psychological health of having sex with random strangers, I'm not very comfortable with the idea that some of the women he might have sex with would be in the above kind of emotional state. I feel that, by supporting it, I would be an "accessory" to the objectification of those women. And my husband openly admits that part of his desire is objectification. Yikes!

I want to support him if this is what he truly wants, but I'm seriously starting to question the wisdom of it. I would be more comfortable with him having fuck buddies or something. I know that a lot of the women who go to bars to be picked up by strangers are not in positive emotional places, and I'm worried about getting wrapped up in all of that... On the other hand, women at the bar to be picked up are going to be picked up by someone, and they would be safer in my husband's hands than some creep's...
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