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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
I've never faked an orgasm either, for exactly the reason you mentioned. Plus, if I fake it, how am I going to teach him how to actually get me off? Or anyone for that matter. It's not doing the female population any good to teach a whole bunch of guys to think they're king shit in bed when really they're about as much fun as sticking a fork in a receptacle. If I've ever been with someone and he just wasn't any good and I was bored, I usually pretty much pushed him off and said "I think I'm done now" and if they asked whether I came, I just said "no."
Keeping in mind, sometimes orgasms aren't physical but mental of course ...I have had the...misfortune... of being with a woman who has never orgasmed with a almost shattered me that I couldn't help her orgasm but it just wasn't happening...while I would never claim to be king shit...there are times when even people good in bed, just can't bring the girl to orgasm for other reasons...

The people who really take time to learn a woman's body can tell if she has an orgasm. We may not squirt out sticky white goo (although sometimes we can) but there are a lot of physical signs, muscle contractions and the like. It's really not that hard to feel a woman's orgasm, if you're paying attention.
Absolutely. While I have enjoyed a squirter, which makes things obvious, the signs of an orgasm are usually there.

Do I think that casual sex is becoming far too common place? Yes, I think it is a bit of a free for all for men these days with the atmosphere of "slut culture" and "sex positive" ways of looking at things.
These days? and men only?...maybe I live in a different world but the decade hasn't changed what happened in the 80s and going back as far as the 70's. My uncle was a slut (definitely a non ethical one) and he definitely sowed a lot of oats throughout many decades. Obviously no stats, but assigning a timeline to the current "sluthood" misrepresents itself imo.

And why are you referencing men specifically. Again maybe it is my generation/area (I do interact with a lot of international women, so maybe that makes the difference)...but women I know, including my wife, used and abused the slut culture as much as any guy I know, in fact, I would be willing to bet they abused it more. Women hold the magic key, they can go anywhere, when they want sex and get it. Period...if a guy wants it, we have to work..and work...and work to hopefully, maybe get some action. I don't see a free for all for guys at all.

Maybe I misunderstood what you meant, but in the world I live in, it seems 100% the opposite of what I know.

As for fake orgasms, as a guy, I hate them. I have experienced them and quickly asked the woman why bother and/or what to do. When I was 17 I was not familiar with the womens body and needed training...I think the woman appreciated that I didn't accept her fake orgasm, learned my lesson and moved along. I tend to gravitate to women who know exactly what they want, where and aren't afraid to talk about it. That level of openess needs to be taught to everyone
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