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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post

The juxtaposition you mention is the exact reason why I love This will sound odd, but enjoying blowjobs is really recent for me. I refused to let girls do it, because it was just so damn dominant I couldn't handle it. Not to mention being uncut makes the technique very different something most north american women do not get on the first try....
For me, a really fun part of being poly and having the happy hunting grounds of ok cupid is searching for local men with intact (un-circed) penises.

I'd never gotten to play with an intact cock til last year. I am an "intactivist"... I left my son as nature created him, with a whole penis.

So... yeah. Intact cocks are decidedly different, much more sensitive! I've gotten to play with 4 or 5 intact men and it's a treat to treat them delicately during blowjobs and handjobs. In a way, it's more like being w a woman... intact men seem to have more thundering overwhelming whole body orgasms. Not that I havent brought cut men to that point, but it seems intact ones get there as a matter of course. Yum.
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