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Saturday, December 25, 2010 09:34 - 10:20 EST
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Hello, and Merry Christmas.

I recently discovered this forum after reading a Wikipedia article on "polyamory". Although I'd heard the word years before, I hadn't looked into it, assuming it was another word for "swinging."

Now I discover that it's more like non-monogamy with honesty and without guilt, which is an idea that makes perfect sense to me.

I have never felt that, nor understood why, strong feelings for one person "should" diminish or interfere with one's feelings for a second (or third, etc.) person. Whenever I have tried to explain this, however, I've received responses such as "You're weird," "You just want to eat your cake and have it too," or "You're afraid of commitment." Safely ensconced in the fortress of "conventional wisdom" and traditional morality, these remarks are usually accompanied by a certain air of smug self-righteousness.

But, this is about to change.

Because now, I realize I'm not "weird."
Because now, I realize that many others have beliefs similar to mine.
And because now, I have a WORD for my beliefs: Polyamory.

From now on, I'm gonna say it loud, and I'm gonna say it proud:

"I'm polyamorous!"

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