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And then we had a strange-and-sort-of-a-fight, and then the next day when I was being understanding, he spilled the beans;

he does not quite understand polyamory and is concerned for the future of our V. He talked about that he does not want to get my feelings hurt - I guess he meant himself too..! He asked me if I was not taking away love that my husband should have, by giving him love. And that there could not be a future for a relationship like this. I told him details of my road into polyamory. I explained to him that love can flow from one person to another. It was kind of hard and personal to explain it to him. I guess it is also hard to grasp when you are used to thinking along the lines of monogamy. And I said that it is up to the three of us to decide if we want to be together in the future, and how. I felt both happy and exhausted after our skype call today 'cause I was getting paranoid thinking he was on the verge on breaking up...which he is not. And now I am happy because I decided once I get money I will go see him!!
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