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Originally Posted by zohaa View Post
Hey all,

I'm a new member and, from what I can tell, one of the younger ones in this forum. I'm a 10-year-old school student who had a persistent feeling all his life that monogamy wasn't for him, and I'm incredibly relieved to know that this isn't strange.
You state clearly that you are 10years old. I have reported this post as it seems it may be against the forum's TOU..

From the User Guidelines:
Finally, this is an adult site. All members must be at least 18 years of age. This is not to indicate that adolescents shouldn’t be interested in or practicing polyamory, just that the adult nature of some discussions may fall afoul of legal restrictions in some jurisdictions if minors are involved.
Me: Poly, kinky switch, Ds driven mother married to..
Mr: husband, vanilla, platonic marriage, together 20yrs
THM (TallHandsomeMan): boyfriend, uberkinky, together 3+ years. Recently separated from his fiancee
GVB (GloriousVanillaBoy): In triad (with M and L) fabulous lover, low strings 'FWB', exploring kink
E: Mr's gf (4+yrs)

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