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Originally Posted by Spork View Post
I'm a Capricorn and he's a Taurus.
Same here for me, male Taurus, wife Capricorn. Which is a good combo. I have an engineering degree, so I should be naturally sceptical, but I do find there to be a lot of truth based upon the research I have done.

And yes there is more than just our sun signs. I am a Taurus sun, Gemini rising and cancer moon. Each one of these components seems to fit quite well.

To do a complete chart requires knowing what time of day you were born and the location of where you were born. I highly recommend an app called AstroGold. But it costs like $30. This app will give you detailed reports on your own chart and your chart as it matches up with somebody elses.

From my research there just seems to be too much correlation between my personal experience and astrology for me not to consider it a valid tool. IMO, YMMV.
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