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Originally Posted by Spock View Post
Don't take it personally, since you know why he's asking. It's reasonable for him to wonder, I think. Don't turn his insecurity into yours, that's kind of selfish.

Edit: I wanted to clarify, it sounds like you're insulted that he is scared and insecure.
Thanks for the reply. This all happened with the worst possible of timings - I was sick and home alone, he had only slept 3 hours and was tired from helping out his family. We managed to cheer each other up right before this one hit me in the stomach. Feelings are what they are. I too have my insecurites - fear of being judged for being "too" sexual is one of them. Which does not go very well along with his scare of being seen "only" as sexual, I guess. I too have ideas that scare me - like the thought of him leaving me because he does not feel loved.
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