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Originally Posted by Mignonne View Post

It's funny, I too did poly-stuff without really realizing it was "poly" or that it had a name. This was also in the 90s and I was a young teen.

Are you looking or just wanting to connect with the community?

My condolences on your husband.
thank you.

I have sort of already connected and now am having lots of questions.

I have gone to a few parties where there were poly and singles and at one I met this really nice guy. We talked for awhile and he told me about his wife and their poly life. His wife has a boyfriend. Anyway, he and I have now dated a few times and are really getting along together. We have talked a lot. He is very laid back and mellow which helps. He knows about my long drought of no intimacy and is being very patient with me.

I really want to learn more about the lifestyle so I can make proper decisions. I also worry that I am asking him too many questions...but really it's that I have these questions in the middle of the night.

Like - what's a V? what's an N? what's a quad? I can sort of figure them out but am not sure if what I think they are is correct. lol

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