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Before now, I've had a similar rule for myself. The reason I had that rule was because as much as I desired an additional relationship, there were a lot of reasons that I probably shouldn't embark on one. Basically, I didn't have the energy to maintain another relationship and having one would ultimately add to the already stressful circumstances I was in at the time.

I saw limiting how often I saw a person as a way of ensuring things didn't move so fast that before I knew it I had another full-time partner to consider. Relationships do tend to do that when I'm involved. Or they did, I'm a bit more reserved now. Anyway, that rule was important to me at that time. I needed it. It wasn't a rule set as part of a coupleship I was already in but it undoubtedly did help maintain that relationship during a rough time. It was about limiting the feelings shared in other relationships, but it wasn't because anyone was jealous or insecure. It was what I needed and wanted at the time.
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