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I actually sorta like the Klein grid concept.

I use the word "bisexual" just because it's easy.

I'm attracted to women, admire the beauty of women, and feel an emotional draw to women, but actual desire for sexual intimacy with one...there is something I can only call "a good energy match" and it is so rare for me. So my actual female sexual partners have been very few, compared to the many men I've had sex with.

It feels like men are just "easier." And my sexual desires for them not as picky and particular. For some reason I've been willing to have sex with men many times in the past where the energy match wasn't even good, I had no particular bond or limerance or love or anything, but they wanted to so I went with it. That never happens with women. I have to want them enough to pursue them, court them, work for them...they don't tend to come after me. Women do not tend to make me feel desired.

And honestly, I would like to have more women in my love life and my social life. I have felt a lack of feminine energy and a desire for more of it. So the past/present/idealized future element of that grid thingie was relevant to me.
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