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Old 08-21-2017, 01:27 PM
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Originally Posted by vinsanity0 View Post
Maybe not society as a whole, but certainly a very vocal part of society. Of course society is made up of individuals, but social standards are made by the majority.

Cat and I were married for 22 years, but without the piece of paper. Even though we always considered ourselves married, the state certainly doesn't. Shoot, my own mother never took the relationship seriously...lol.
That's funny... Yeah. Here the state would have considered you two married.
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Old 08-23-2017, 02:59 PM
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The funny thing is Cat, who was born here, thought this was a common law state. About 8 years in I looked into it and....nope. It was then I found out we were actually living illegally...lol
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Old 08-23-2017, 11:09 PM
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Originally Posted by DripDropDiggsManuel View Post
In my opinion, the idea of marriage is very horrid, the fact that you could get benefits from loving someone so much that you legally want to bind yourselves as a family twists the idea of love in general and somewhat telling aromantic people that if you don't find love, there is something wrong with you, so you don't get the reward others get.

Telling children who's parents aren't married that they're a terrible person or giving them a wicked name is a terrible thing to do, because you're saying that marriage is more important than a child's mental health and friendships.

Again, just my opinion, but do any of you agree with me?
I don't think marriage is at fault for the things people could possibly derive from it. I don't think marriage is meant to be a message to other people as much as a contract between those who chose enter it. I also don't think marriage is an explicit, or even implicit message to children about their value. I don't think I ever questioned my value as a child based on my parents relationship status.

I don't think a relationship is any more or less valid or valuable where those involved are married. The only advantage married partners have, in my view, is certain forms of legal protection. Ts certainly doesn't guarantee any specific level of permanence, commitment or value.
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