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  • I just read the The things I have Learned as the Mono that you wrote. My good it was fantastic. I have a wife that can only see the world one way and I have to make a choice soon. So reading your words gave me great peace during these troubled times. I don't hate mono I just love more then one.. thanks for the great words and love
    I was wondering how you're doing? I really miss yours and KT posts. I feel like there aren't many monos left, even I've decided to dip my toes into the poly waters.:)
    Sweetie...you don't have anything to apologize...and certainly not for punishing me. He is right, I needed it. You didn't hurt me. Any pain I am feeling is a result of a decision I had to make for me...and any pain Charles is feeling is my fault, not yours. Matt's pain as well...is my fault. Stop apologizing. You didn't do anything wrong...which really isn't a new thing. You have been a saint through all of this. It was never you that was doing anything wrong sweetie.
    Hi! If you ever want to talk/email privately, you can email me through here or at [email protected]. I think we have a lot in common and may be able to help each other learn to accept the poly lifestyle and to be happy doing so.
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