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    How to tell friends and family...

    > My advice is to have a few resources ready to share For instance, Elisabeth Sheff's lovely little booklet, When Someone You Love Is Polyamorous:
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    Possible Poly Book

    What do you mean by "polyamory" through the ages? The word means "with the knowledge and consent of everyone affected," which, among other things, implies equality between the sexes (since in a serious power imbalance, free agreement is not really a thing). The framework for poly wasn't even in...
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    New to Poly

    Have you found your local poly support/ discussion/ social groups? Here's how: Good luck! Alan M.
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    Feeling so lonely... hasn't been very active lately, but when someone makes a post there it seems to perk up. --Alan
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    Plan your poly travels! Alan's List of Polyamory Events

    31 poly conferences, gatherings, campouts, etc. -- regional, national, and international -- are currently listed for the next 12 months at:
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    Unexpectedly Poly

    Stranger fans I'm another whose life was Stranger in a Strange Land (and the people who introduced me to it). I was 17 then; now 66. Here's what I wrote, in some researched depth, about his influence on the poly movement: Polyamory, Robert Heinlein, and his definitive new biography
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    Poly cons & other gatherings for the next 12 months, updated continuously Alan's List of Polyamory Events. Have I missed any?
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    Last month's Polyamory in the News

    In March's Polyamory in the News: "Millennials and polyamory: Will dating ever be the same?" NPR site: "A Cultural Moment For Polyamory." On ABC's Nightline: "People need to see that this is a real way people live." Brother husbands, love multiplied, more. One-click roundup...
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    Alan's list of polyamory events

    I maintain a list of (I hope) all the large poly conventions, retreats, campouts, etc. for the next 12 months, with descriptions: There are about TWO DOZEN for the coming year. Please tell me of any I've missed! Alan M.
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    Norwegian Poly NGO foundation gets huge press

    Permission to quote this? May I have permission to quote this post on Polyamory in the News? It's been years since I posted anything there with the tag "Norsk". Do you have any other links I could add? Is there a list somewhere of Norwegian poly in the media? Thanks! Please copy any reply to...
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    Positive poly representation in movies and TV?

    Don't know of any really good poly fiction in the movies or TV. But if you'd like to consider some actual good news-feature reporting, TV and otherwise, have a look at this list: Alan M.
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    Coming out to Husband

    When the time comes (and it sound like that's maybe not right yet), you can introduce the topic more safely for both of you by saying, as you're at the computer, "Hey, look at this. There's people on the news doing this polyamory thing. Do you think that can ever work?" (You can find a story to...
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    Spending money

    I think that's the best strategy for any couple. Three accounts: your money, my money, and our money. How you divide it up between the three accounts can cover all kinds of needs and arrangements.
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    Polyamory in the News, March 2016

    In this month's Poly in the News: On TV, poly becomes a thing in House of Cards, You Me Her, and the Wash Post muses on a poly option for The Batchelor. Elle spotlights a stunning poly marriage. Yahoo News: "Is the Family of the Future Polyamorous?" Much more. One-click roundup...
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    *You Me Her,* DirecTV's new "polyromantic comedy" series

    A roundup of stuff about this new TV series, as posted on Polyamory in the News: --Alan M