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  • Hi alibabe muse nice to meet you! I saw how nice you are to others and thought I'd say hello ��
    Hello...are there any active poly groups in Spokane? I am coming to realize that I'm poly and that I like what the lifestyle can offer.
    Re: "Darby's for breakfast on 5th. Budd Bay restaurant east side of the sound, past the Farmer's Market. Ramblin Jacks on 4th almost across from City Hall. Cicada a few blocks up from Ramblin's. Koibito if you like Sushi. Brewery City Pizza, three locations west side, Lacey & Tum water. Those are my favorite. Mekong (Thai) to on State across from Les Schwab. They opened my senior year of high school (89)."

    Sounds great. We will give those a try. :)
    Sounds like there's some pretty fun stuff to do here. I am mostly just basking in my usual internet activities, but expect to get more active in the community as time goes on.

    Always interested in hearing which are the best restaurants around since my "V clan" and I are such foodies. Sounds like you probably know the area quite well!
    Re: "Wanted to give you a big WELCOME to the PACIFIC NORTHWEST! I grew up mostly in Olympia and just think you and your family will really enjoy the culture in addition to the weather. I have to warn you, there may not be as much sunshine as you were told."

    Well so far, there's been more sunshine than I was told! Not that it matters; I'm all about the rain too.

    I'm indeed actually in Olympia, but what the heck, everyone knows about Seattle and I'm not too far from there.

    Anyway, thanks for the welcome, I'm glad to be here!
    Hello Babe...Nice to see youre keeping a side note...Ive missed you....
    Hello. I didnt want to post where I lived on the forum... we live near Boise. But I am excited that I am networking and finding like minded people. Thank you for your response!
    Ive just finished reading your posts and the experience was enlightening to say the least..Good luck to you and your hubby,I only wish my girl was as open to this life style as you both...Drama's
    Hello from Oregon coast!
    Wanna chat??
    I posted on my page. Contact me, we be friends? Add me. I'm new and learning this site.
    thank you for your reply. I have added you as a friend. if I may ask, are you in a successful poly relationship?
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