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  • Lol I'm not sure I would use me as a role model, Kat's away with her GF for the night tonight so I'm a bit of a mess.
    And those sometimes wont go away altogether Aquarius, they just get further apart. It's one of the hardest mentalities to break, I still haven't moved past mono for my part, but I'm not in a rush too so that makes things less complicated.

    As I see it you and hubby have a strong relationship and as to where you fit, it seems on the surface you fit where you always have, I once told Kat have as many casuals as you need, take the few lovers that you want, but hold onto the one true partner that you have.

    Yes we talk constantly and openly now about it all, but it wasn't always like that and it took time for me to adjust. Example, this Monday Kat is out for the night with her GF, it will be hard home alone, but when I see her on Tuesday it will be worth the pain, she just glows after which use to sting, but now I see the energy it brings back to us.
    It's not easy Fish. We have 3 boys and wasn't quite expecting all this. Sometimes I get angry and hate everything. Other times its easier to accept. Don't know how I will be that first time he goes on a date.Still don't know where I fit in. Always considered myself mono. But maybe I'm wrong. Not easy this. Can you talk with your wife? Has she a partner already? Six months ! Still quite fresh. A year for us. Nothing has happened yet just taking it slow.
    My situation, seems a little unique here. My wife (Kat) discovered her bisexuality about 6 months ago, we talked, argued, talked some more and she started seeing professional escorts to explore it. Things developed and she found an emotional need as much as physical, cue more talking etc.

    That's us in a nutshell, your right to take one day at a time, I spent too long worrying about bridges we still haven't got too. If I could offer one bit of advice to anyone it would be trust in your relationship, I found our marriage was made stronger still with Kat's exploration.
    Hi Fish, prob doing on as nothing has happened yet its still all in theory. Who knows what I' ll be like in practise! One day at a time. Tell me about your situation.
    Hi Aquarius, just saw you on Dust's intro thread. Hope your meeting goes well, you seem to be doing ok and that's giving me strength that I may aswell. Take care and have a good weekend.
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