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  • Hi again
    I feel a bit strange talking to you about this given it is your field of expertise but you say you feel there is too much reliance on medication and I would agree. You will probably shriek with horror and I would never recommend it to anyone else but I took myself of regular drugs nearly fifteen years ago. They made me feel so awful I decided that it I couldn't make it without them I would rather just die. I learned all I could about the disorder and finally found a drug that I could use just if I was becoming elevated. There are obviously degrees of biopolar and I think mine was largely a reaction to my marriage.
    I now have a wonderfully mellow partner who helps me stay beautifully grounded.

    Good luck with yours
    Hi Athena

    i was a disturbed by your post on random chat. As a bi-polar survivor I have some idea where you are coming from if you'd like to have someone discuss it with.

    I struggled with bi-polar disorder for over ten years and believe that I have beaten it. I can relate to where you are now but there is light at the end of the tunnel. How are you feeling today?
    Hi,my name is Ron in Dallas,tx
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