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  • Okay, I've possibly discovered why you couldn't friend me. I had my privacy settings so that only "friends of friends" could send me friend requests. Your privacy settings may be set that way as well, you might want to check. Could be a new site default. Anyway, if you go to my Facebook profile now, an option to friend me should appear. Give it a try [fingers crossed].
    Re: "Apparently, it is our privacy settings. I will check :)"

    That sounds good, although I don't remember setting up my account to allow no new friendships. With Facebook, any weirdness is possible.
    Re: "Hey I had the same when I went to your profile. What is that all about, I wonder? I will send you a PM on there, let's see if that helps?"

    Okay I'll keep an eye out for that. But I must warn you, I don't check my Facebook every day, so you might have to wait a few days for my response.

    Don't know why Facebook is acting so weird. But, in the Facebook world, weird is the new ordinary. :rolleyes:
    Hey Mart did you know that you are a senior member on this site...how interesting so no Virgin at all lol. Love you.
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