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  • Thank you Mr Kevin i think you are completely right. My wife fell head over hells for Paul the same way as i did with her several years ago, since my wife started having sex with other men our love for each other has not diminish our affection for each other has not diminish our intimacy,communication and sex life has gotten better.
    since Susan started to see Paul only and became lovers our love and affection has not diminish our communication has gotten even better than before and my sex life has slowed down a bit,
    Paul and Susan fall in love i didn't not fell in love with Paul but Thru his action toward Susan and me, his sexual appetite for my wife plus his understanding of the pleasure i get from sharing her... turns out i like the guy alot.. and Aldo for me right now it is trilling and sexual to have him play with my wife, more and more i like him for who he is...
    i am French and i hope all this makes sence...
    thanks for reading
    Re: "The million $$ question I ask myself is ... am I agreeing to this living arrangement because I want the 3 of us to build something good together, etc., or simply I find it very erotic to have a very horny guy move in with us to pleasure my wife? I dont really know."

    I actually find either of those answers to that question to be acceptable. It's really not about whether you "live up to some poly standard," it's just about whether the arrangement makes everyone involved happy. If you, your wife, and this other fellow are all happy with the arrangement and enjoy it, then I'd say you're doing just fine. In fact, I would counsel you to make a special point of enjoying and appreciating it. Not everyone finds the good things in life that makes them happy. I think you are lucky to be in a situation that satisfies you.

    That's my take on it, anyway.
    Kevin T.
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