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  • I'm a open minded christian woman and I like the idea of dating two men being a tri. I don't agree with people being married and adding people because of adultery. I mean as for me If I'm involved with men I'd rather they not be married. Does that make sense?
    hi there! I came across your posts and got interested about your position. I would appreciate if you explain where in the Bible polyamry is mentioned or condoned. Im new to this concept. Im a christian . Im not a swinger and not a poly. Im somewhere in between u might say. Looking forward to your answer. thank you!!!
    back in 2009 you guys posted
    "We have done extensive research into poly lifestyles in the Bible. It all depends on whether you believe what the Bible teaches, or if you believe what the church teaches. There are also variations of how closely you believe the Bible to be God's Word.
    Bottom line, for us, is that the Law outlines all the "rules" for having polygynous relationships. None of those were changed in the New Testament--in fact, the only admonitions against it are specifically given to church leaders, just as the Law specifically mandated that Levites not practice it.
    We would be happy to share what we have discovered with any Christian who is interested. "
    I was wondering if you would be willing to share what you found and your thoughts about it, since we have recently decided to come out to some level to deal with the negative religious mindset that some people have already confronted a previous partner of mine with.

    Thanks for any and all help and thoughts

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