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    new to this idk what im doin or how to mess wit dis website.
    I am still trying to work out this system, but am reading your threads though old with interest. Would you be kind enough to read the couple of posts I have written and see if you understand what I am saying for us.
    Hiya, I haven't been able to post a reply to your advice for some reason so I just wanted to say thank you "in person" :)
    aw... kids are a blessings most of the time. :)

    I don't have any myself but my boyfriend does. I am hoping to have one of my own someday.

    Do you have any children of your own?
    AH!! I understand!

    as far as virgins go, I tend to agree! In fact, I don't understand why any man would be delighted by the prospect of 72 virgins waiting for them would be anything like heaven. 0_0 I always say Gimme 72 H*es who know what the heck they are doing! LOL!

    ANd I have to agree with you about the strange behavior of poly couples towards genuine unicorns.

    But then, I also have to say that I have seen that many so called unicorns are really just mixed up women who are not looking for a real couple-romance, but a set of surogate parents. :(

    Anyway..... how is being a unicorn going for you? Random question I know... lol
    LOL! Thank you! I honestly didn't think about that. I just picked the female form of the name Eros. lol

    May I ask how you picked your name? I know a white unicorn in poly is a single BI woman, who wants to be secondary to a heterosexual couple.

    So is there a significance to the color black instead of white? Sorry... just being nosey! :D
    Good morning! I'm on OkCupid as Hades37 and my wife is on there as Persephone_47. Please feel free to favorite one or both of us.
    While my wife is all for it and very interested, the other woman (former GF turned Object of Our Collective Desire) seems really confused. She will call or come over and hang out, be really engaged, and then be "busy" for days at a time. Granted, we know she has a daughter, is a single mother, takes classes, and has a job, but we need to feel wanted if we're going to want our desire for her is starting to wane, I think. We've asked her to tell us if this is not something she wants to do, but she keeps on saying she wants us for the long term, got jealous when we admitted to going to a swinger club where other women were really into PLove. Her words and actions don't connect so, to avoid my wife getting hurt, I suggested we fall back a little to give Tee some space to figure out what she wants and which direction she is going to go. In the meanwhile, PLove is really interested in exploring her attraction to women but hasn't really had a chance to do that yet.
    Just have to say that I love your Posts. Very insightful and intelligent, and you write with a certain flare that I find really enjoyable. Thanks and keep posting - please!
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