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  • I just wanted to say hi. I'm from K-W and don't really know anyone poly so it might be nice to have someone to talk to!
    Hello Breathesgirl. In one of your comments you mentioned you live an hour west of Toronto. I would love to chat and then meet when and if we are both comfortable. I live in the London, Ont. area.

    Take care,
    So, according to my calculations, the next Ethical Lovers' Group Meeting is at 7:30 on Wednesday, December 14th. Is that correct?

    Is there a website/mailing list for this, or is it just word-of-mouth?
    Hello.... I get to toronto occassionaly for work..... tel me more about the poly potential :)
    Thanx:) Apparently they set a record for number of medals won by a hose country this time around, lol. I don't follow them, really, not much of a sport's nut.
    a bit of a wordsmith, are we? bring it on girl! i don't know if you follow the Olympics but congrats on your(Canada's) first gold medal at home. i know a few Canadians down here in St. Pete, mainly from Toronto, and they're certainly relieved to get that monkey off their backs.
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