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  • Have faith that you are not a drone my friend :) You might just be monogamous. it's ok, I still love ya!
    Thanks, Mono. I hope all you people are having nothing but fun! Warm hellos to everyone, and sincere hopes that someday, everyone willing, we might meet.
    Hi Catbird:) I'm camping so I apologise for the quick reponse. We see polyamory as simply having the ability to have multiple intimate connections which include love that carries with it the desire for physical intimacy. You could be completely single and be poly. You could have 12 fuck buddies with no emotional connections and not be poly. Poly is not an action based thing for us. It is an internal thing. Gotta go. Take care. Redpepper,derbylicious, Polynerdist say hi:)
    Come to Tampa.. We've got a group that meets regularly. In time, there will be more polys out there... until then, the challenge is being creative in finding a partner(s).
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