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  • Hey Charlie..
    Oops.. Have not logged on here for a long time.
    I am well. My lover and his son have moved to Australia from France. That's a big move. I refer to our lives as "challenging happiness", much struggle, learning and adjusting for all of us.
    How are you ?
    Hey there...still can't work out this damn message thing on this site.
    It's Chelsea rather than Bella :)

    Oh my life...perhaps a little like yours. It is big, it is busy, it is a source of constant bewilderment and I am grateful...and ok, I am also challenged often :)
    I don't come on this site much anymore. Occasionally I do and find comments like this;

    Life is a curious place. I am grateful for my open heart and mind, my ability to forgive, my ability to heal. I love to love the lovers, who love to love the love.

    Which is just stunning.
    And off to bed now. Probably good day to you, as I imagine the sun is out where you are
    Hey Charlie, I loved visiting your country. I learnt many things, chatted with lovely people, did some serious adventuring....some wonderful walks. Thank you so much for helping me with preparation. Very valuable. I have developed a soft spot for the old US of A...to be sure !
    It is frustrating to me that I don't know how to use this website. at some point, I may invest the time to work it out.
    In the short term I wanted to say. Go Charlie - you're impressive !
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