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    More than Two: Examining the Myths and Facts of Polyamory Nice simple introduction to Poly with a positive spin on the usual common culture negatives..
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    Gay poly here...

    Keep listening, keep talking, keep your mind open. When negative feelings happen (and they will)... listen more, talk more.
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    Pregnant Lesbian Thouple... This originally popped up on my FB feed from a conservative (and appalled) friend. Looks like they've carefully thought this through... legally and emotionally. I look forward to...
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    Doctor Who! (Possible "Spoilers!")

    I saw the Day of the Doctor on the big screen.. not 3-D. I squeed also. I'm also wondering how they get around the regeneration limit. Although at a recent fan meeting someone pointed out that we ASSUME the first Doctor is the first ..... He never calls himself that... and there could have...
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    It`s like I was just slapped in the face..

    Quick update... PolyTampa is still active (meeting tonight at the TGIFridays across from University Mall... if anyone wants to join us.) Bound to Love is no longer meeting... The influx of munches and kink events (i.e. FetCirtuit, The Web and several local dungeons.) meant the purpose of the...
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    Moving in together

    I have experience of this type of situation which ended badly. I was living by myself, and the married couple I was dating moved in. Long story short, she moved out after a year (she didn't like the rural setting). and he's been lingering for almost a year. The physical relationship has been...
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    Your most recent OKC messages. post em here!

    So I decided I'd say I wanted a few coffee dates ... just to meet a few men. But then I got this message: "Nice to meet you here.I want you to know am ready to relocate as long as i find true love and care again.Do you have email for we to know each other the more.Add me on my yahoo <address...
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    New to same sex interactions

    A friend loaned me this book-- A Straight Girl's Guide to Sleeping with Chicks. (link to Amazon below) I was involved in my first relationship with another woman... I kinda fell into it (I was dating her husband, and the three of us....) She was bi- and I started asking a lot of questions...
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    Your most recent OKC messages. post em here!

    I'm wondering if this type of message is responding via phone app rather than computer. Maybe that's why this style of response is short, grammar impaired and misspelled. (I'm feeling sorry for the HARE. Having a lot of UN on it must be painful...)
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    On the outside, looking in.

    Changes... So many changes lately. I'm now single again... Not dating anyone. Still going to PolyTampa meetings. Deciding what I want in a relationship. When things were going well, I posted here. But when the relationships imploded, I was quiet.. I'm analyzing what went wrong..
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    Your most recent OKC messages. post em here!

    Today: "Love the pics. Your tits look great in the corset shot. Just wanted to say a quick hi."... from a profile with virtually no info (He is 51, lives in my town, never does drugs, and speaks English). This was from earlier this week... I still don't know what it means. I'm hoping...
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    Poly and Bible arguments

    Mrs. Betty Bowers Explains Traditional Marriage I enjoy this youtube clip of Mrs. Betty Bowers... rather sarcastic... as are her other vids. The Bible based marriage is rarely monogamous...
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    Is bad hygiene a dealbreaker?

    scruffy, dirty, infectious... and now the practical issue.... If he's not taking care of his teeth/washing his body... would sleeping with him cause infections/problems? My ex-partner was a stickler for washing hands before and after mutual masturbation... mainly because it prevents Urinary...
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    PolyTampa meeting Sunday Nov 18, 2012

    PolyTampa meeting Sunday Nov 18, 2012 I'll be at the PolyTampa meeting on Sunday. This is a friendly discussion; many poly relationship styles are represented. Here's what the official website about it... a discussion and support group for people...
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    I don't know where to begin

    Make a list of talking points. Have him do the same. Compare lists. Think about how much time you want to talk about each. Listen. I once had a discussion where we timed the bullet points. Only talked about each for 10 minutes. (or... however many minutes seems reasonable.) That puts an...