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  • i had thought about writing a book in the past but times always runs short & life goes haywire. Then decided fiction would be much more pleasant & possibly benefit the world
    Elements or factors that a few of have noticed that seem to make poly attractive.

    1) mental issues, depression, ADD, ADHD, personality disorders, Addictions, etc, etc a. Mental b. psychological 2) imbalance in the coupling .....looks introvert with extro...libido, political ...3) 10 -15 yr boredom. Trill seeking 4) narcissism /entitlement 5) Hard core Gaming ...reality escape .... into on line gaming ... and LDR 's. 6) Bdsm 7) Exploring sexuality and gender roles. Becoming bi, pan, Asexual , etc 8) identification with a counter culture. 9) Bad parental model...bad marriage or broken home or homes
    Have you left yet?!? I have a bottle of tequila (and sunscreen) with our names on it! Hurry!!! :)
    Thank you for your reply. I am sooo happy I found someone who is going thru this. We can go thru it together lol!! Hope to hear from u soon. If ur ok with it can u tell me ur story and I will tell u mine?
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