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  • Hey Porc,

    I have just signed up for this site to get out and meet other polyam folks. I haven't found nearly as much on the internet on the subject of polyamoury as say internet sex sites and swinger parties. You look like you have posted quite a bit on this site. Would you please make some suggestions for me, I am located in southern NH.


    Way to go! Congratulations on making the move ... I've still been wanting to move out of California and New Hampshire is still a tempting destination :)

    I used to post there as SteveA and had thousands of posts ... I remembered Googling "SteveA" and seeing my profile page on FSP was second on the list.

    Anyway, I think that's great you made the move and there's still I chance I might end up there someday.
    I think I recognize that avatar ... The Free State Project? I noticed you have a New England group subscribed ... it's got be FSP! Am I right? :)

    I was there when they had the voting was probably one of the top 10 posters on the site for a while too. Anyway, I just had to ask because I was curious.
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