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  • Everyone here is telling me it's okay to be whatever orientation I am. I like that. My SO tells me he's sorry for being the way he is, and I can't stand to hear him talk that way. It makes me feel like I'm not doing a good job of supporting him for being who he is, even though I've told him that if things don't work out between us it's because we're just different, not that either one of us is bad or wrong.

    He's definitely decided that he is incapable of monogamy, and I know that I am incapable of being polyamorous, although I would like to try to support him in his relationships. I just don't know if I can really be one of them, especially since my current metamour may not be okay with the relationship the way it is right now... She wants a triad and not a vee... and I'm just not capable of that.
    No, but it's been something we've been talking about with a gay friend of mine. Since we are both still studying, it will take a few years, and we don't even know yet if we are both fertile, but the basic agreement is there. In the meanwhile, I'm really happy to be able to hang out with their kids. We sometimes refer to ourselves as a three-adult family, which is something that makes me feel all gooshy inside!
    Just fab right now!

    Of course, since there are kids involved, I just sort of fell very easily and comfortably into the ebb and flow of family life.
    Hehee, the full explanation is buried somewhere in the 'Why do you use the online name you use?' but short version; the mythical white unicorns only allow virgins to approach them, but I don't have such a sexual history discrimination system in place :D.

    In a game I was playing the PCs encountered an unicorn they didn't know what to do with - because they really didn't know what they were looking at, they just simply chose to ignore the beast. Which I thought was hilarious, and also somewhat sadly descriptive, because there are folks in and out of poly who are like 'no way a single woman with a healthy self-esteem would want to date a couple'. So if you can't understand it, pretend there is no such thing? Nah, doesn't work for me.
    What you posted there on the thread I started...well, I don't think I could have found better advice :). I would like to chat with you sometime. could we maybe exchange chat ids? my yahoo id is alujna.annis.

    hoping to be friends,
    Hello! I'm doing pretty well today. I'm feeling a little tired. I've been staying up late talking to some of my closest friends about what's going on in my life, and it seems like my schedule lately is nothing but working on school work and reading about poly lately, so I'll be happy when my finals are over!

    It's really nice to hear from someone so soon! I know you said that you're the poly person in a mono/poly relationship. When you guys were starting out, was it really difficult on your mono SO? I think I may be mourning the loss of the idea of a monogamous relationship with my SO. Even so, the complete emotional disconnect I'm feeling is really bizarre. I haven't read of anyone else going through it. I'm worried that I may be falling out of love with him, and if I can just fall out of love because of his orientation, doesn't that make my love really shallow? I hope that this is something that will go away once I get used to the idea of poly!
    Hi there you sound exactly like my wife with just different hair color (hers is red) She is artsy and crafty also. We are seeking to add another to our family. She is also bi. We would like to hear more about/from you. Maybe get a pic of you. My pic is up, and I can get hers for you in return.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Impressed by your openness in knowing what you want.
    I too am a mythical unicorn.
    However I'm Married to an open man and still hoping to find a woman to be with.
    Some of my best experience where in my 20's in various three somes.
    I love commitment and honesty of marriage, but miss the group dynamic
    and of course loving women.
    I'm 42 and a mom of two beautiful boys.
    I hadn't heard the term "unicorn" was until I read your post. Apparently you're a mythical creature then, huh? :) Of course, now that I've gone through the vocab lists more thoroughly, I've learned a lot. haha. Thanks for inspiring a search for more knowledge. :)
    sorry getting confused so that why replied in wrong bit :)
    friends are good especially people intrested or who are poly.
    Hello, yes, I can have solid opinions on some things.

    My avatar...started using that a couple of years ago around halloween and I just like it too much to change it. I use it most places now.

    It's cool that it reminds you of someone you love.
    lol...clever. You'll find I'm not easily offended. And I've used many screen names...some more interesting than others. I'm not going to out them here though. Carry on peeling back the layers though, and you might find the answers you seek.
    To answer your questions, it's a little of column A, a little column B...and I have my own lexicon developed in concert with my friends which forms the base of our own personal Griptionary...named for the first definition to be added.

    The other question...maybe.

    And you are welcome to ask anything you like. No worries.
    Thanks for the friendliness. I was a little busy last night and there is so much to be learned just poking around on here.

    I hope you had a good evening, too, and welcome again to the boards.
    Well I joined becuase I am interested in finding a family that I can be part of. It's complicated to explain but suffice it to say that my career is not likely to be condusive to successful long term mono relationships. 0_0

    Wow it does sound like you are in a whole new world for poly. LOL. I am also so we're in the same boat there I guess. :)

    Yes yoga is fun. The system I'm doing is called 'body flex' which combines rapid diaphramic breathing with yoga like streatches. It's very fun but as I have a nasty cold, I'm not sure how successful I'm going to be with it... *cough cough hack!* lol
    Ah i see, thanks. I joined because I am dating a man whos been poly for 17 years. hes only the second person i have ever dated or even "hooked up" with. my first bf was with me for 2 1/2 years. so its very different.
    how about you?
    I like yoga. I am taking pilates now its a lot of fun!
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