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  • Visiting Adam is bittersweet since leaving is so very hard. But in just six weeks, I'll be home for good. It's going to be fantastic.
    I feel like I need to scream into the void but I don't know why.
    Why you like cry, are you become Mad. Run away towards Forest and cry as loudly you like, The Lion or Bear may come to hear your Screamed Voices, like the Tarzan Story.
    Sick of being sick! But at least I'm getting to talk to my American peeps during the day, that's the silver lining. I thought I'd be able to "work from home" today, but I'm still acutely fatigued 🥺
    I reached out to UniverseFan today, Merry Christmas and all that. We're hoping to have a proper video call tomorrow! I've missed him.
    If you're not ready to make your partner's partner the near first call in the event of your partner's death, you're not ready for poly.
    It's been a long time since I've played. It took me a second to figure out why you wrote that...lol
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