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  • Thank you for contacting me, fleurisseur, and thank you very much for your interest.

    I am not available at this time, nor will I be for the foreseeable future. My husband is very ill and as I am his primary caregiver, I have no time for meeting new people. Perhaps when his health is regained . . . but we do not know lies ahead. Still, thank you for contacting me. All the best to you and all your family.
    hi, i am trying to learn about polyamory, I am open to the idea and so is my husband. But how do you find someone for him? Please advise me
    Thanks, Crow! It has been a happy birthday! I've worked some, played some, thought some deep thoughts, given and received love. Got several lovely gifts and bowled a 234! Yeah, it's been a good day!
    That's wonderful.

    This whole thing is a learning experiance for me but I was intruiged by the concept of polyamory AND fedility. But I guess that fedelity in poly is even more vital.

    And also, as a statement of personality, it's beautiful to see. :)
    You'll have to forgive me for just 'popping up' on your page. But I am obsessed with trying to figure people out and your screen name caught my eye. Why did you choose that one? It means 'woman who is faithful' doesn't it? :)
    hmmm....do i detect a hint of sarcasm here? yes, even we "men of the cloth" can stray from the righteous path of the Good Lord. in my case it was demon alcohol and the witching wiles of wanton women. robbing that bank didn't help either!

    but not to worry for me, my dear, as i now am planning my escape from this wretched reformatory and will soon be spiriting my way along route #10 west toward the sovereign state of Texas.

    which leads me to ask: what kind of cuisine do we enjoy in your part of Texas?

    please tell me tex-mex

    All of those things, I get wrapped up in my interests and they all become my passions.

    And yes, procrastination defines us so much.
    Hi Fidelia
    Lovely woman....
    Just couldn't help noticing - you - and Mono actually - described as senior members, but only joined in August 2009! What's that about? Is this site a recent thing?
    Ta Fidelia
    Hey gator! I WAS growing mostly veggies and herbs, until the record drought here in my part of Texas killed practically everything off. At the moment, I'm down to peppers, rosemary, sage and oregano. And one artichoke plant that looks like it's going to give up the fight any minute.

    How 'bout you?
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