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  • Cool, it would be nice to catch up if you'll be in the city? I'll mark it in my diary and my number is 040 4168 643.
    Hopefully we can put on some dry weather for you.

    I hope your family are OK. I don't really know anyone in ChCh but it's still very scary. We're all from Wgtn which was supposed to get the big earthquake. My worry is that this could be starting something of a chain reaction.

    Are you still coming to Brissie?

    Hope you all survived the storms intact? Are you still coming down to Brisbane?
    .....and we thought the weather was a plus, in moving here lol. Seriously though thoughts are with you.
    I was reading one of your posts and you said you were going to Brissy soon... how was it?? Were you there before or after the flooding... amazing that the waters rose so high isn't it?? I used to live in the Redlands, outside of Capalaba... :) I miss it there :(
    Hi Flamekat. I haven't read your story. I will have to go find your first post to learn something about you!

    James in England
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