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  • Are you still in the Jax area? I just moved here recently and looking for like-minded friends. I saw an old post about a monthly meetup in the area and wondered if it still existed.
    I live in Jacksonville, Great guy, super personality, works on daily. Follow tantra. Slow and caring. The woman joy is the most important before my own. Interested write back.
    Your word associations crack me up! Thanks for friending me. I haven't been on here in over a week and I have been meaning to friend some people. I follow certain threads and posts. You are one of them.
    I'm currently living in Savannah and make trips to Jax frequently for work. So if you even feel like having lunch with a like minded person feel free to let me know. I'd love to meet some of the people from here.
    You sound about like our quad in relation to where you both live. My husabnd and I live in North Florida and the other half live in South Georgia.
    Thanks for the nice comments Foxflame..enjoy your new awareness no matter what. Take care!

    What part of Georgia are you in and do you have any advise for dealing with a triad? I'm in a Vee with my girl and her husband. She and I are very much in love and I'm friendly with her husband and we get along with each other well, but he is having some jealouy issues. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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