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  • Consistent and very helpful person. I cant begin to thank you enough and couldnt ask for better advice. Ive been feeling very confused, lonely, jealous.. and this member has given me a lot more hope in my whole situation.
    You've really opened my eyes to some points i missed. If you're not a professional therapist, you should be one. You've got much wisdom and a rare talent for seeing things clearly. Thank you for being great.
    GalaGirl, I've been reading your posts for years now. You're kind, strong, and a clear communicator. You have a gift for presenting information in a way that other people can receive and understand. When I read your posts, I get a clear picture of a grounded, sensible, loving human being. If we lived in the same city, I'd buy you a drink. ;) Thanks for all that you give to this community!
    Hiii! You responded to my thread and I just wanted to tell you that you really helped me. I've been looking through a lot of information about it but the documents and advice you gave me really have helped. I'm a lot calmer today and I feel so much stronger. Thank you for helping me get here today. Everyday is going to be different, I know that. But no matter what I can be strong, I am strong! :3 You da best! <3
    Your comment was empowering, I needed to read all of it. I miscommunicate things sometimes, I appreciate you helping me see more clearly and set a new bar.
    Thank you for the input and and advice. We felt like disgusting monsters for what we did. You helped us feel a bit better about the unfortunate situation.
    Thanks so much for your input. I've felt very overwhelmed by information and feelings and trying to look at my own situation and you've been very generously providing insight, useful terms, relevant reading material, and questions. Makes me feel like if I keep moving forward I'll be able to make better and better choices from a place of more knowledge/security and less scared guessing. I really appreciate it.
    Thank you for your unbiased advice and assessment of my situation. I have the same opinion about as many of the other members. Your ability to look at a situation for what it really is and be able to offer helpsul and understanding advice is exceptional. In my case you was able to bring to my attention how my decisions, as well as the other parties involved. impacted the issue. So bravo to you! Because, since I was on the inside I was unable to see how I was contributing to the issues. Now I see how differeently things could been handled and it's eyeopening. Many many thanks for your help.
    Seriously, I kind of internet-love you. Your advice is always reasoned, balanced, and well structured for clarity. Even when I might handle a situation differently or feel differently, your perspective is always insightful and shows that, even when people have different needs or desires, there are ways of expressing them that can be easily understood by all. Thanks for being awesome.
    I to feel confused over the poly lifestyle but reading the post from crimsons sapphire I can't help but think he is using all of them... I think (not always but..) poly is about power and control, reading her post I wanted to tell her to get out of that relationship.. But I did not.

    I understand jealousy , I am 50, wife is 42 and her living boyfriend in 36. He has been living with us for 3 weeks now. I was never jealous of the time they spent together, the weekend get away or the sexual relation they had, in fact it was a bit of a turn on. I was ready for the day he would move in, ready for my wife reaction.. I get along very well with him and I enjoy that they are having newly wed style sex all the time.
    Where my issue of jealousy comes from is that I feel forgotten, they include me but not in the planning of the event. My friends are telling me to wait it out its the novelty of a living lover but I sense it about who controls what..
    My wife tells me that it's all in my head.
    We are new to the lifestyle and experiencing a lot of growing pains thr first few years. While it gets easier - there is always a new challenge.
    I felt compelled to register for this site just to tell you how incredible I find your insight, compassion, and wisdom. Thank you for doing this.
    I just wanted to say that I appreciate you always giving me constructive criticism, advice and help, even if it seems I repeat a lot of the same stuff. I just appreciate the help and not being rude. Thank you, so much
    Thank You for being helpful and commenting and taking the time to connect with me especially with my chaotic relationship. It is really appreciated.
    Hello- I felt a little nervous about contacting you, but I wanted to tell you how much I admire your posts and advice. You seem to be able to lay things out so well, and so objectively that I have learned a lot just from reading your posts in other threads. I wanted to ask if you would possibly mind taking a look at my situation and sharing any thoughts, advice you might have on it? Anything you had to say on it would be greatly appreciated.
    Hi GG,

    I just wanted to say that I have been reading these forums for a few years now. My relationship has transitioned from LTR monogamy while young adults, to marriage/family, to DH cheating phase, through recovery, to open to poly. We are doing REALLY well right now. Our relationship has never been this awesome :) But we still have to iron out our wrinkles...

    I want to say that I really appreciate your participation on this board and your thoughtful, clear, and 110% helpful advice. Thanks for your public contribution here. You are helping many relationships find clarity amidst the inevitable emotional weather of living.

    I tend to wax poetic with words and I find your to-the-point posting style (with awesome links to resources) to be a great guide. Before coming across your posts I came to understand my own fluctuating emotional weather but never in such a clear way! Now I adopt many of your go-to phrases :)

    With appreciation,

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