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    Hi Sweetie,
    It was great to see you on Saturday, you looked beatiful and happy. I've been thinking a lot about polyamory and the diff btwn it and other non-monog philosophys. Seems to me like you are one of the best roll models for poly. You give the best love! Want to talk to you more soon.
    I sent you a friend request..no obligation to accept. There is an album on there of all of us. Take care :)
    I am doing well! :) Oh... and to reply to my message on the profile you have to either go to my profile or click 'view conversation' and reply in the box there. LOL.

    I like your avatar too btw. :)

    What promted you to join this site if I may ask? :)

    I'm off to go work out... something like yoga but faster paced... Hopefully I can do it without coughing my lungs out! 0_0
    Hello there! I saw your post in the introduction section and I liked your screen name. That promted me to come and spam a bit on your profile page! LOL! ((hugs)) Welcome! hehe!
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