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    That was a nice posting on polyandry.

    I am interested in communicating with you. I am single and open to a relationship. Let us talk. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Hey Goddess, sayin hi, though I dont get here too often. There's some pretty odd people here - not by their choices, but by there difficult attitudes. Say hi sometime.

    Sorry to hear you had grief from the last senior member. I'm doing alright; I've been in a poly relationship since early in 2006. Nice to have you aboard.

    Kevin (kdt26417)

    Original Message:
    Hello kdt26417,
    Thank you for asking. Actually I have had grief from the last senior member. How are you doing? Have you experience this lifestyle? I am new to poly.
    I'm from the UK. I live in Italy at the moment. I've just read you're from Colorado. Shame we're far away.
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