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    Hi Grace, how nice to hear back from from you and to hear that you'd added me as a friend. I thought of you the other day as I visited San Francisco Bay (the ocean). It was for a class call "Basic Sensuality" with a group called Lafayette More House. They study sensuality and pleasuse. Very interesting class with some unexpected twists. I'll tell you more if you're interested. Well it's pretty much Spring here, lots of trees in blossom and what not. We went on a big hike last wee to a local cluster of mountains. It was really pretty. Misty the whole way up so it gave it kindof a mysterious aura. Oh, well, I hope that you and your are doing well! My wife is a little frustrated as her boyfriend lives three house away and hasns't made it up here in almost a most! Oh, well, the joys and tribulations of polyamoury :) Take care!
    Hi Grace! My name is David and I liked your post. We’re too far away to date (unless you mysteriously travel to Northern California  but I thought that it was worth making the connection. Maybe we could be friends. I am married and in an open/poly relationship. We’ve been theoretically that way for a while but my wife recently rekindled a romantic/sexual relationship with her old fiancé which works fine for all of us. Other than poly – which my favorite topic of discussion, we have several things in common. One is that I’m a grown up going back to school. I’d be curious to know what you are studying and how you decided to go back. Do you love it? Like you I love being near water. Lived near San Francisco Bay for years and really love the ocean. There’s a lot great about where we live now but being close to the water is not one of them.
    Anyway, I’d love to hear more about you and, if you ever just want someone poly to be in touch with, I’m your man! Take care!
    hey what up lady whats going on so what race you seek i am black
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