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  • Hello !! I just wanted to say HI. I took some time today to read over the introductions. I really love what you wrote about the breakup of a poly relationship you were in !!! "There were to be four of us living happily every after. And then it imploded fantastically in a cataclysmic supernova of cosmic proportions that we were lucky to get out of with no one getting killed."
    I read your post about your religion-- "church-going atheist" rings a bell with me. Maybe I'll have to find an atheist church around here. :)
    I love reading your posts greeneathal. You strike me as such a wonderfully sincere and loving person AND intelligent to boot, which is something that always impresses me!
    I think I recall you saying you were in New York. My father in law lives there and if we get a chance to go see him again maybe we could all have coffee!
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