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  • would you be able to talk with me? i really need some advice. could you read my latest post and maybe give some insight?
    Just finished reading another one of your well-written, thought-provoking posts! Thanks so much - I'm really valuing your input here!
    Hi GS,
    Just wanted to let you know I was reading through some posts last night, after doing a search (I don't recall what for), and something you had written in a thread from a few months ago stayed with me all day today. I had to search for it again just now. You are very wise. Thanks for your contributions here.
    Hi Grounded spirit, I am single,living in the farm house and is working on low carbon farming and is a consultant to an institute working on pedagogy. I am looking for a women companion with polyfidelity.
    Please go out with me!!! I am polyamerous!!!!
    It most definitely was, and yes, I think that's why fora like this are so great. A happy 2010 to you too!
    Hi - and welcome !
    Hope you meet some nice people and help - or get some help on all the complexities.
    Feel free to email us anytime - ask anything !

    C & K
    Hello there. I'm trying to meet new friends and thus am taking the liberty of liberally 'spamming' people's profiles with hellos! LOL. I hope you don't mind! How are you today?
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