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  • Hi, interested in a couple from south east uk at all? We are new to this but woyld like to get to know someone
    I prefer my friends were passive aggressive than smashing my face against the kerb. =P I feel like people are afraid to open up and tell the truth. Things that seem so easy to me. I switched those things on so fast, I actually questioned myself on why I didn't open up and just tell the truth always. Why did I have to only just start then? People make things more complicated than they need to be. =]
    Sounds like a lot of the relationships we see come through here eh? Not enough proper communication with the people you need to be communicating with. I think it's something schools should definitely put more time into. More important than something like studying religion for a start.
    What event were you at? I've seen plenty of things be well organised though. But problems certainly can occure when the wrong people are brought into it.
    "they're happy to settle for one machine that occasionally explodes and catches fire" - Love it! =D and yeah, not enough money in the right places. But you can't expect our people to be able to organise all that. What do you think they are? Intelligent? They let anyone into governments these days. =]
    Same here. But we do actually have the ability to make a machine run perfectly for the purposes we build it for. It's just out of laziness and lack of money that we get things that fail to do what they are meant to. People should do things because they can, they want to and it would help us live a better life.
    Well you can usually insulate them from outside EM interferance. But they are so small as it is, that I doubt there would be enough material to stop it getting through to them. I'm sure one day they will create something similar that is completely biological or something which relies on less electrical energy at least. But everything has to start somewhere and with it, usually brings a lot of problems to solve.
    Haha, cool. I really like the idea of nanites actually. Making our body work perfectly at all times and stuff. But a simple EMP bomb could take out so many people with them.
    What is caprica?

    Yeah that's what I meant. Not exactly all of them with hooking up to other people, but certainly more advanced games. Maybe the same but still with computer models, rather than real people.
    Yeah. I think both the games were pretty good. I wish there were more games featured in the film though. I find it very hard to believe that they were the only ones. =P Or maybe they were just the first 2 and they should make a sequel film with more stuff on there.
    Well they get paid to do it and stuff. Plus without actual dying, it should be quite safe really. =]
    Oooft. Don't talk like that. ;] Haha! that is what I wish for. Once I can really be inside the game is when I'll be interested in taking the controller away. You ever seen the film Gamer? I wish gaming was like that. Only less actual dying when you're shot. =P
    Blergh. I hate all this new movement crap we've got going in gaming right now. I'll always be a keyboared and mouse, or gamepad kinda guy. I don't wanna be running round my room whilst also trying to run around on the screen.
    I might give it a go. Still plenty of space on my hard drive for stuff. =P

    My graphics card is pretty new. Games are still being made to work with the GTX200 series, but mine is a GTX460. So it'll be a couple years til games really push my card to the limit. My processor is a quad core i5 too. Games are only just starting to use more than 1 core. =P So again, I've got a few years on this computer til I really need to upgrade.
    I looked the game up and it's like 5 years old. =P That must be some pretty old or crap laptop. XD The game any good? I've heard about the game a lot, but never played it.
    Like me with gaming it sounds. I used to really be hugely into it, but then I started getting into music and gaming got sorta pushed behind a little. I still play games, but got no idea what is really going on with them.

    I think i played Monkey Island yeah. Never owned it though. Don't think it was one I enjoyed a lot.

    Haha! Horny The Daemon Overlord! HAHAHAHAHAAAAAA! Wooooo, that was a good laugh. ='D...

    If your old PC had a better graphics card, why didn't you put that graphics card into the new PC?... and pfffft! Twice as good!? That's nothing. My old computer can't even have more than 3 tabs open in the internet or it freaks out. This computer, I can play the most stressful games and I don't even hear a peep.
    Lego Games are suddenly crazy popular these days. I remember when I was a kid, I had Lego Rock Raiders on my PS1. =P That game was terrible. XD But the newer ones are pretty fun. Especially the Star Wars ones.

    Got Fable 1 and all the expansions on my PC. It's terrible. Probably cos it's just so old and I'm comparing it to newer games. But I prefer Oblivion for that sorta fantasy adventure sorta stuff.

    Never heard of Dungeon Keeper. Laptops are never good for hardcore gaming though. You really need a desktop. You can build them with a lot more power. Laptops are always about 4 years behind with the power you can give them.
    Haha, I'm not really into anime. I do love my cartoons though. =P

    Age Of Mythology, I think there is only 1 game and an expansion for it. But I haven't played it in forever. I have Age Of Empires III somewhere around, but I can't find it. Been wanting to play it since I got my new PC, cos it was always laggy on the old one.

    I have Bioshock. Only played about an hour of it or something. If that. It is damn creepy! I hate when things jump out at me on games. =P I don't think I'll be playing it much cos of the creepiness. =P Not good when I'm in my room alone with the lights off. =P
    I'm usually good with borrowing and stuff. Though I do have Metal Gear Solid 4 that the guy has never asked for back. I told him I'd take it round a few times, he was just all like, nah it's cool. =P

    Yeah FPS and RPG and RTS. Generally best played with a mouse and keyboard. I hacked my PS3 controller to work at an XBOX PC controller though. So I have that for my other games. =]

    At this very moment I'm playing Minecraft. *puts his cool shades on*... But I have a few games. I need to stop downloading them and actually complete them. =P Completed 2 so far I think. Batman Arkham Asylum and Battlefield Bad Company 2. Only had the PC a couple months.
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