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    New guy from south Wales very intrigued with being polyamorous looking for like minded people.
    Hello! I’m very new to this whole thing but I’m very interested. If anyone wants to talk
    Feel free to message me. I’m from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico
    Hello there, I have personally been thinking about polyamory, not just as an idea, but as a practice. But people around me seem to be wierded out by the idea. So I thought that this website could help me find like-minded people. I am totally new to this. Any guidance as to how to find people will be very helpful.
    New at this. Want to learn more. Very interested.
    hi. i can't post because the "captcha" isn't showing up. Is there maintenance going on or something with my account? looking forward to your reply.
    I'm thinking I should warn anyone looking at this page that I only check these posts once in a blue moon...almost literally. Instead of a Visitor Message, go to the "Contact Info" tab, and send me a "Private Message" to get ahold of me in a more timely fashion.
    A newbie here! Feel free to talk with me, I am very friendly and open minded :)
    hello, Is there any way you could move my post "ugh. Tough stuff" to the poly relationship corner? I mistakingly posted it as a blog. Thank you for your help!
    Hi I am a new baby to this might need all the help I can get
    AM NEW here
    and still steering
    accorss my boat
    around here...........

    can u kindly guide me
    how to post my INTRODUCTION
    and also to save my posts
    for my reference.....

    regards & very best wishes
    ` googlie `
    Hi ImaginaryIllusion,
    I've been thinking that once I finish reading back posts, I will contribute a few book reviews to the site and talk about our (my wife's and mine) experiences in a somewhat blog like. My wife and I don't care about being out, (which is why I used my real, full name) but it occurs to me that in the future I might be talking about people who are not so open. (I would be using abbreviations or pseudonyms for them but if it is clear who I am, it may be too easy to figure out who I am referring to.)

    So I was hoping that you could change my user name to just 'Rick'.

    Many thanks to you for your efforts in maintaining this great website.

    Warm regards, Rick.
    Oh good heavens! *feels heart flutter* There is nothing I love more than a puzzle onion!!! :D

    You seem to have quite the active voccabulary. Are you the victim of super abundant intellegence, homeschooling, or reading addiction?? ROFL!

    Would you be more comfortable talking in PM regarding screen names etc? I am familiar with the type of sould who values privacy.
    LOL. Well glad my poking about did not offend.

    One of my obsessive complusions is seeking out and analyzing all unique screen names. I'm finding more and more that the interesting ones often house interesting people and give genuine clues to their being. The boring ones (like Joeluvsbigirls or Jane32aries) usually indicate people desprate for romance/sex. At least that's my finding based on my... erm... somwhat...vast research of the universe of screen-nomers. ROFL!!

    What other screen names have you used? Just out of curiousity. I have used some odd ones. Erosa is a more modern one for me. In other realms I have been 'Lady Water' 'Velvet Rope', and 'mask of accalade'. As well as several other funky sounding ones. LOL
    Either you own a dictionary with links to words that sound intruiging together, or you have an interseting mind... Imaginary Illusion...

    Is the double meaning of your name intended to strengthen or reverse itself? 0_0 LOL

    Yes... I ask weird personal questions of strangers. Oops. 0_0 Hope that's okay. LOL
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