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  • Hi,

    I'm a medical career woman at home right now with my first child. I'm way out in NY suburbs, but would enjoy chatting with other poly women on a friends basis. Your post in response to one of the threads I am on seemed really appropriate, meaning that from where I'm coming from, I felt comfortable with it. Feel free to visitor message me or private message me if you think you'd enjoy chatting. I couldn't help but notice the visitor message by lauralocido - my husband and I had a very long odssey with infertility treatment until we got our little boy. I really know how frustrating it is to want a child, or even an additional child, and not being able to!

    L, Hang in there, I understand. Bill and I have had two failed attempts at expanding our family - one lasted 29 months with another family - but we're still open. Our oldest is 24 and the youngest is 2. Laura
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