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  • Hi Karma. I studied and instructed Integrated Street Combatives. It's a combat based aproach to self protection. You can google it for all the gory details Lol! I also have a more tradtional history of training as well as a boxing background.
    i am doing ok...i moved out of the house and into my sister's apartment (she had an overlap of several months on her lease). it's rough. i miss him and the house and my stuff. i miss feeling the stability. it sucks that every time i talk to him, it feels like an all out war is just about to break out. but i like having my own space. i like not feeling like i'm walking on eggshells.

    work is going exceedingly well. my friendships and social life are going well. my family is supportive. cue and L are being generally great. so there are lots of things that are going well. i don't know, i still feel like i am holding out hope to some extent that perm will get some help and start feeling better, but even if that does happen, it will be very difficult for a while. for now, i'm surviving, and i'll be ok! thank you for checking in...sorry for the super delayed response. between moving and being busy at work, i haven't had much online time.
    I have a question that's been on my mind since I first saw a post from you.... WHERE DOES YOUR SIGNATURE COME FROM!!?!?!?!? It's like on the tip of my tongue, but I just can't seem to think of it... I just remember loving that quote soooo much! lol.
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