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    I will that my mail address is being deleted form your site [email deleted by moderator] - I have nothing to do with it

    I found one location where your mail address appeared, and have deleted it per your request. Hopefully this fixes the problem.
    Hello Official Greeter,
    I'm not new to poly but new to this forum. Can you guide me how I can tell the location of the members. I live in Hawaii and am looking for some people nearby.
    Thank you!
    “The second group is, because someone has been socially programmed to practice monogamy, they would feel guilty if they did otherwise.”

    This is what is called being brainwashed by faux moral monogamy. This bullshit is centered on the fiction that since romantic love is the only love which is scarce energy, it can only be maximized when it is directed towards one person. I guess this is the paradox of their version of romantic love. It is the most transcendent love when directed towards one person but when you attempt to direct it at more than one person you get friends with benefits at most and a booty call “at worst.” The other types of love child love and platonic love are abundant in energy. This love energy can be maximized in multiple people. Do you see the stupidity in this fiction! This fiction I believe you are referring to as being socially programmed to practice monogamy.
    “In broad strokes, I divide the reasons for practicing monogamy into two main groups. The first group is, because monogamy is a natural fit for someone, it makes them happy.”

    Are you referring to simply wanting one partner only or avoiding the possible jealousy in polyamory by being monogamous?
    "If someone would feel jealous in a polyamorous situation, then I would actually advise them to stick with monogamy. Polyamory isn't good for everyone. You need a certain amount of poly hardwiring in order to be happy living a poly life."

    If agree if they can not conquer sexual/romantic jealousy, they should stay mono. However, I think one of the problems of conquering sexual/romantic jealousy is how it is institutionalized as a virtue. You notice when two siblings are jealous over one another for the love of their parents, people automatically make the assumption that this type of jealousy is a psychological problem or at least a psychological handicap. Yet when people become jealous in polyamory it is perceived as a sign that poly is IMMORAL especially when they strong relate it to sex.
    Hi KDT,

    This is edpsy77. You responded to some of my posts regarding friends opposing polyamory. I know that this board doesn't really focus on the politics of polyamory but I was wondering how you guys would defend poly while avoid attacking monogamy. There is one debate tactic I use against anti-polys that I think some in the poly community may think is harsh and most importantly not accurate.

    I contend that monogamy is inspired by hypothetical sexual/romantic jealousy. In other words, people choose to be contractually monogamous because if they were polyamorous they would be haunted by jealousy. I really see this as obvious but maybe there is more to the picture. Do you agree or is this really a simplistic view of contractual monogamy?
    Hi kdt. You seem to be very actively involved in the group. I am brand new and have questions if you have the time to answer thanks!
    Hi kdt,

    I saw your post in a thread and wanted to send you a message because like the one person, I am fairly new and have some questions. I prefer to meet people who are local to me and actual have I guess a group to talk to about things. Basically I have been doing the open type of relationship for a few years now where I left my partner the option to see other women. I recently started to date someone who is interested in men as well. We are long distance I made the mistake of telling her what makes me unsure about it. It was a mistake because I used the wrong words. We are still wanting to work it out because we love each. I was wondering, how would I go about finding someone or a group in the Southern CA area?
    Greeter...good on YA/// Impressions are important! Official, even! Like cut of your.... jib! Maybe most important... anyway... Brave faced facilitator and remember/reminded/want to, anyway tell you...
    Thank you and glad to hear you are well
    hey hows you? :D my legs better ;-)
    Hi, since I asked that person to delete that post like you suggested my private message has gone weird, all my sent messages have disappeared and when I send private messages they don't show up in my outbox. I sent you a private message, let me know if you get it.
    Hi Kevin , can I ask a tech question? How do I edit a post? I know, roll ur eyes, I don't mind :) I hit edit, reword my post, hit the reply and the message is still the same. I'm stumped and super non tech savy
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