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  • Hahaha!! My hubs is just as afraid of spiders as I am. Him genociding them consisted of him standing ten feet away from the window and spraying it with the highest grade of bug killer money can buy. Outside of four because that stuff smells terrible!!
    I've never thought of it that way! Guess I'd be pretty screwed if I had to live in the woods for any reason. I know the last time we went camping, there were spiders crawling all over our tent, ugh. I couldn't live like that. Plus I got bit by a brown recluse this past summer, twice! Both times were terrible, made me super sick and it hurt and itched sooooo bad. Made me even more afraid of spiders haha. Although I did let a spider live in out kitchen window above the sink for months. Until it had babies. Then I made hubs genocide them all. Couldn't imagine having a bunch of tiny baby spiders potentially invading my kitchen!
    Holy Cow! I probably would've died from a heart attack. I had an incident that involved me abandoning my newborn daughter in our living room because I saw one of those jumping spiders and went running to hide in the bathroom haha. Not my proudest moment but *shivers* I had to save myself.
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