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  • Hi,
    You sound like a nice couple and I would like to be friends. That will be a bit challenging as I'm in Switzerland and haven't lived in the Bay Area for years. I will be moving back to the West Coast in the Fall if all goes according to plan. Also, to be clear, I'm straight and experienced enough to be certain of my sexual identity, so a triad with the three of us won't work out. I hope you find something that works for both of you.

    So, I'm curious. Why did you ask me to be your friend?
    Kind regards,

    I am interested in communicating further with the both of you to find out more of your interests and the family that you are seeking to create. I see that we have baking in common. Best regards; my name is Gary
    My wonderful husband and I are interested in a M/F/M triad in polyfidelity. We are in our mid-thirties. We live in the SF Bay Area. We are not swingers. We would like friendship first. Your needs, preferences, desires and thoughts are no less important than ours. We are NOT seeking a boytoy or friend on the side. We are seeking a partner that would be equal to us. We are not self-serving selfish people looking to fulfill some fantasy.

    I would love to hear from you as to what your preferences, needs and wants are in a friendship or relationship? What is it that you are looking for?

    PS: I am also looking to form online friends with those who are like minded!
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