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    Letting him be with woman he cheated with

    I would advise you to stop seeing other people, get in counseling and get a strong marriage. Until then, I would think that being poly will do nothing but harm to your relationship with your husband. You clearly do not trust him. Or her. And you shouldnt trust them, you have no reason to. They...
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    Amelia Earhart's views on marriage

    I love reading old love letters. Oh, they're so beautiful! Thanks for sharing it.
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    Hi, Brian! Thank you for accepting my friends request! I am looking for like minded friends. How...

    Hi, Brian! Thank you for accepting my friends request! I am looking for like minded friends. How exciting that you're in another country. I hope you're enjoying yourself. Take lots of photos! We have traveled across our country a few times, but have yet to venture even to Canada! We will...
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    Who We Are/What We Want =D

    My wonderful husband and I are interested in living as a M/F/M triad in polyfidelity. We are thirty-seven years old. We have one small child @ home. We live in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are not swingers. We are interested in each forming a friendship with you. If a solid foundation of...
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    Hi, Belleamore! I love that little photo of the lady on the scooter! It's so cute. xox Your...

    Hi, Belleamore! I love that little photo of the lady on the scooter! It's so cute. xox Your Friend, Love2Bake
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    How am I to be a single guy looking for a poly couple

    Sounds like you're a swinger. Not poly. I am just pointing this out because you'd probably find more success on a swinger site. *wink*
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    Bi male looking for a Triad

    How have you been? I would love to talk. Thanks again for the message and I hope to hear from you soon!
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    WANTED: Bi Male for M/F/M Triad

    You must be... 1.)Honest 2.)A non-smoker 3.)Single 4.)Bi-sexual 5.)Male (and born that way) 6.)Able to live in northern California 7.)Enjoy bbws (on the small bbw side though, curvy) 8.)Discreet 9.)Looking for a commitment and to be part of a stable, loving, happy family 10.)NON-AGGRESSIVE...
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    Curious and considering

    Mike. I want to remind you that relationships can strengthen after an affair. Your wife will be angry for a long time, you can expect that. But before she can move forward you MUST let her express all of that anger and confusion. You also need to acknowledge that you've shattered her dreams and...
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    Hubby and boyfriend dating (our new BF)

    Whoohoo!! Update us as things progress! I am happy for ya!
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    Wife wants Open Marriage

    You sound so broken. Its sad. I want you to please remember one thing. It really does not matter how good of a friend/lover/spouse you are, this isn't about you. Your wife will desire additional partners because that's just how her brain works. I know it feels impossible but at least try not to...
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    Curious and considering

    My Two Cents I'd get your self and your wife into therapy so you can strengthen the marriage. Adding more people into the mix will not solve your marital problems, it would only enhance them. Therapy first. Fun later. I know it's not what you wanted to hear. Maybe someone else will say...
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    Need some opinions on the best way to go about doing this conversation...sexual topic

    I have a beautiful 18 year old daughter. I got pregnant on the pill AND he used a condom!!! I was also using spermicide. The chances were supposed to be less than 1%. But when its YOU, the chances are meaningless. Your not 1% pregnant. I would *never* ever have sex with someone without...
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    Quad gone nuclear, is there anything left in the ashes?

    Of course he is going to side with his wife. Why would you ever expect anything less? You would expect your husband to side with you, no? Life is painful. But it is in the pain that we learn the most valuable lessons.