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  • I loved your summary of the book of Hosea. You gave such a studied response, I have to ask you - do you have a background in theology?
    Magdlyn, Great to see analysis of the old testament and polyamory. There are many lessons to be found, for example about restraint. Abraham didn't rush away from Sarah when she was barren. Instead, he stuck with her, but then she provided him with Hagar. After Sarah died, Abraham did marry again, and in my reading, have more than one wife. The Rabbis say it was actually Hagar, but we know better. Anyway, I will post about that someday and will look forward to your comments.


    Hi Magdlyn. I am new to this forum and to polyamorous philosophy. I have been reading some posts and like your views. Thanks!
    Depends on the classic movie. Looks like you are though. Was the profile photo inspired by a certain movie?
    interesting thoughts.. I am just not understanding what Poly really means. I have one wonderful woman in my life as my partner. We are exploring the meaning of Poly together... and enjoying the love it brings us both..
    I enjoy our chats. Let me know what the ultimate result of the new poll is! I have a professional interest in knowing what people think nowadays.
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