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  • Hi what part of nb are you in? I'm looking for to meet ppl in the Fredericton area
    Well, its starting to calm down now, thank god. I run heavy equipment, so spring, when the ground is melting, you cant move around. Once the frost is out we are good to go, but that takes most of a month. The last couple of weeks before that happens everyone wants everything to get done at once. Just makes life difficult.

    Been out meeting some people lately though. Nothing serious, just fun stuff right now, but you never know when you are going to meet someone special :) Just kind of keeping an open mind at this point.

    Its nice, Pikksi is healing up nice after her accident, shes really starting to shine again. Out meeting new folks, even a went out and met up with a couple while I was away at work. Doesn't seem like much probably, but that was a big step for her.

    All things considered, now that it has kind of calmed down at work, life is great. Hope it keeps going well for you also.
    Keep in touch,
    :) Yeah, everythings good here, just been retarded busy at work. Been poppin in at night sometimes keepin up with what you got going on, but the last little push before spring is murder every year, this one is no better than the last spring :/

    Aside from that, how are things going with you? I see you are out on the prowl some, any success? How is papa bear doing? Hoping everything is going along as smoothly as possible, though I am starting to think that smooth is a myth myself........
    Well if you ever find yourself on the way to LA, I'd love to show you around :)
    If you're ever bound for Los Angeles, let me know. I like your approach to things and your general outlook is lots of fun :) If you ever pass by, I'd love to have lunch and hang out for a bit.
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