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  • Disregard all my previous posts. People change to suit their own wants and desires. Never say forever or never. Want a true example of a fully functioning mono poly relationship where the mono is totally cool with new partners being added? Keep looking because I have yet to meet or be one.
    Peace and love everyone
    Thanks for the add. I've looked at several of your posts on here and find them to be very encouraging. :)
    Having the strength to do what’s right - My struggle with the boundaries we perceived negative affect on RP and PN

    Overcoming personal insecurities: Trust and Contro - One of the most positive things I have learned through my relationship
    Me in a nut shell
    Monogamous in a Polyamorous relationship - the start

    Fear of possessiveness in a Mono/Poly Relationship - The importance of being secondary

    Inside The Mind of this Mono - love, commitment, why gender plays a role in my boundaries

    New awareness in sexuality - journey to figure out what part sex plays in my life

    Beauty of the self-preserving entity - My source of strength

    How Mono Are You? - fun :)

    The Downside of self Discovery - continued journey into who I am; the affects that can have
    I'm not seeing my response here -- did you get it? I'd be happy to be friends! Just wish I could navigate on here better :( I think I read in one of your posts you are from the midwest? Me too :)
    I've only just worked out there's "friends" functionality on this site. A bit slow on the uptake ! LOL. I should probably learn the ropes.
    Thanks so much for friending me. Trying to carve out a group of friends who can relate to and fully support my mono/poly adventure.

    I've been impressed by the insight and level of maturity your posts reflect.

    hi Mono. Remember me? I got a new computer and finally remembered my password for the site here. hope you are well!
    Your family looks so happy. Thank you for sharing your photos. Merry Christmas!
    I see life has been super great for you all, so happy for you! Oh, if I don't get a chance, have a very Merry Christmas!!
    Thanks for the friends request. You give GREAT advice and this site is lucky to have you as a member.
    nice :) I kinda suspected something along those lines when we were both telling that one girl who was having scary neighbor issues the same sort of stuff, but I wasn't positive. Your responses had the no-nonsense quality to them that I've come to associate with people who have actual fight experience, as opposed to tournament/octagon time.
    So, way back on the first post of "why do you use the online name that you use", RP mentioned that Schooner is your "fighting name". I'm curious, what type of fighting do you do?
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